FNQ Is no excuse not to write

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FNQ Is no excuse not to write

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After a few days slacking off up here in Palm Cove and Port Douglas, the nagging knowledge that I have three commissioned articles to submit to a magazine, plus a client’s novel to finish editing, is sinking in.

Trouble is my butt has been growing lazier with each sun-soaked, fish n chip, beachy day.

Butt (see what I did there?) yesterday I discovered a gorgeous little yoga studio behind our resort that offers Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin. AND a bonus 7.30am hot yoga class without a yelling yoga nazi making you feel inadequate. (Bikram has done its dash with me).

No, the gorgeous Michael Joseph is funny, warm, welcoming and deliciously camp. I followed up his class with a refreshing swim, banana smoothie, coffee and now I’m busy writing.

I guess the point of this post is: the mind is more willing to produce quality goods when you look after the vessel it resides in.

I still haven’t come at the Kale juice on offer in all the healthy eating cafe’s up here … maybe if they added a little vodka?

Sorry, not sorry if I’m making you sick. Gotta enjoy the dream while it lasts.

It’s defintely vodka o’clock now.

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