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Grace from Grief
Interview Article published in Go Festival Magazine Jan 2016
“It took the death of her husband for Deborah Vanderwerp to learn a life lesson.”

Lauren’s Lionheart
Interview Article published in Go Festival Magazine Jan 2016
“It’s every new mother’s worst nightmare: finding out your newborn child might die before she reaches her first birthday.”

Sexual Healing
Profile Article published in Go Festival Magazine ( page 23)
“A Sex Psychologist reveals the murky world of Internet pornography addicts.”

The Joy of Disruption: A yearning for a quiet place to write leads to an attitude adjustment.

Short Stories

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Excerpt from one of my novels, awarded a High Commendation in the 2015 Monash Short Story Writing Competition.

A Lost Father
Short story recorded by Kim Dodsworth for radio Queensland on Youtube. Originally published in On The Ledge of the World – Visible Ink, Issue 25, 2013.

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