Meet the AJC Young Beta Reading Team

Our young beta reading team are astute, avid readers with a love of all things bookish. All our young beta readers are articulate, well-read young people with diverse interests, a wide taste in genres and often read above their age range. Booking young readers is a great way to have your manuscript read by your target audience.

Please keep in mind that young readers may have other important commitments such as high school or university, so may not always be available when preferred. We also recommend booking a senior beta reader alongside young beta readers to give a wider and deeper scope of feedback.

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Chloe (16)

I am a student at Methodist Ladies’ College and have always had a passion for reading. As a child, I read to my parents before I went to bed, rather than them reading to me. Nowadays, I excel in English class and am an avid reader outside of school.

My approach to beta reading: My approach is to be open to what the author is trying to create with their writing and to assist them in finding the best version of their work they can. I believe that listening to feedback is a crucial stage in producing something with potential.

Formal Qualifications: Year 6 English Award, distinctions in English (Years 7,  8 and 9), and Year 9 recipient of the MLC Cato Prize for academic excellence 2018.

Favourite genres: YA, dystopia, action and adventure, romance.

Genres I am also happy to read: Science fiction, mystery, fantasy, drama.

Favorite authors: Scott Westerfield, John Green, Veronica Roth, Melina Marchetta.

Genres/material I won’t beta read: Erotica.

Hobbies: Photography, netball, reading, makeup.

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Evelyn (21)

I have grown up in an editor/journalist household so have enjoyed reading from a young age (to the extent of having parental restrictions for how many hours of reading a day was allowed). I’m now studying health science at university and enjoy the escape that reading novels provides.

My approach to beta reading: I like to fully immerse myself in the narrative and try to constructively identify details that hinder that experience, in the most encouraging way I can.

Formal Qualifications: Currently a university student. Year 12 Certificate.

Favourite genres: Memoirs/biographies, YA fiction, romance, drama.

Favorite authors: C.S. Lewis, Agatha Christie, Nicholas Sparks, Dale Carnegie, Jodi Picoult.

Genres/material I won’t beta read: Horror, fantasy, erotica.

Am I an author? No.

Hobbies: Reading, cooking, sewing, going to the gym.

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Ingrid (16)

I’m a year 10 student who looks forward to English class every second day, makes art and writes, and has a passion for good stories. The kind of stories that make you approach aspects of the world differently. I’ve always used novels and fiction as a sort of self help guide since I was little, and I love books about writing books.

My approach to beta reading:  I think there’s something special in every piece of writing. My goal is to provide feedback on any aspect of the story that will push it further, and assist the author in constructing the narrative they sought to create.

Formal Qualifications: Boroondara Literary Awards: poetry, Distinctions in English (years 7-9)

Favourite genres:  YA, fantasy, classics, mythology, poetry

Genres I’m also happy to read:  Sci-Fi, action/Adventure, historical fiction, thriller, mystery, crime

Genres/material I won’t beta read: Erotica

Favorite authors: Leigh Bardugo, J.R.R Tolkien, George R.R Martin, Jane Austen, George Orwell

Am I an author? (expand): No, but currently aspiring to write a novel

Hobbies: Art, violin, basketball, reading/writing, watching films

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Millie (19)

I have always loved reading and discussing books, from the moment I learned to read I didn’t stop. This is a love that has continued throughout high school and one that I am taking further through commencing a bachelor of arts with a major in literary studies.

My approach to beta reading: I believe beta readers should be honest and give true opinions of the book, though they should also be mindful of the fact that they may not be the intended readership and that there are multiple ways to interact with the text.

Favourite genres: Literary fiction, YA.

Favorite authors: Alice Pung, Helen Garner, Dodie Smith, Virginia Woolf.

Genres/material I won’t beta read: Erotica.

Are you an author? No.

Hobbies: Reading, playing guitar, riding.

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