Blog – Inspiration for Writers

Blog – Inspiration for Writers

Inspiration for Writers

Lacking the motivation to write?

Share in some of my inspiring thoughts and experiences to help you slip back into your happy writing space.

Flash Fiction

30 days of flash fiction

April this year, I took part in the Writers Victoria 30 Day Flash Fiction Challenge. 9:00 each morning, I received a one-word prompt, which was a fab way of forcing

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Editing: A Strange Life

Editing is a strange life

Editing is a strange life Any writer knows that the creative mind is a tenuous friend, given to disappearing just when you need it most. You think you’ll never speak

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Elderly person's hand

Wringing pain into writing

Wringing Pain into Writing: Many writers question whether they should take advantage of witnessed pain by incorporating their family or friends’ stories into their writing. Helen Garner is famous for it

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Speed dating demons

I’m about to face my demons This week I have cut myself off. From everyone and everything not writing related. It’s intense, euphoric and gloriously selfish. A week of me.

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