Blog – Let’s Launch

Blog – Let’s Launch

Supporting Australian Authors

Latest Releases in Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

This blog has been created to support Australian authors whose book launches have been affected by COVID-19 restrictions.

*Only works marked as such have been edited by AJC publishing. Readers are advised to use their own discretion if purchasing books listed.

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Climbing Fear_Book Cover

Climbing Fear

Set against the stirring Victorian Alps, comes a suspenseful novel of recovery and new beginnings from a talented new voice in Australian rural fiction. Perfect for readers of Sarah Barrie and Nora Roberts. Reid’s beloved home is under threat, and with it the beautiful, haunted Nat, who he’s never been able to forget.

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Cover: The Other Side of Absence:

The Other Side of Absence

Fifty-five years after Betty’s father deserted his family, Betty is determined to learn more about him. Her search leads to Poland, where she unexpectedly inherits a family apartment from a half-sister she never knew – a time capsule of her father’s life.

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China Blonde_BookCover

China Blonde

When Nicole Webb’s husband is offered a job in the ancient city of Xi’an in north-west China, the couple jump at the chance. Landing in a world they know nothing about, culture shock hits Nicole head on. All eyes are on her and her three-year-old daughter Ava, the only blondes in the jam-packed arrivals hall.

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Book Cover - Cat Versus The World

Cat Versus the World

Catriona is a young woman who sees herself as ‘one of the boys’ but finds her life turned upside down with the arrival of a new Team Leader at her IT firm. A dark and humorous exploration of both female and male toxicity, this novel will remind readers to be careful what they wish for.

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Book Cover: Zorba The Buddha

Zorba the Buddha

The year is 1986, Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh has been exiled from the United States after the highly scandalous failure of his Oregon ashram, Rajneeshpuram. Four different perspectives reveal how this movement fell apart from the inside out.

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Breaking Good - Book Cover

Breaking Good

What would make a champion kickboxer and loving father turn to ice? A brutally honest and powerful memoir straight from the plot of Breaking Bad. A raw and harrowing story of survival. Proof that even the most appalling fall from grace can lead to redemption.

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Living it up in France

With a Bucket list, a motorbike and a map, two Aussie Adventurers live it up in France. Between renovating their house in a Breton village, they travel on Roman Roads, see Gothic Cathedrals, drink delicious coffee and discover a love of France with le joie de vivre.

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Money for Something - Book Cover

Money for Something

It’s easy to talk to these women, tell them my deepest secrets. Look where we are. What else do we have to hide? When nineteen-year-old Mia is fired from her temp job, she answers an ad in the newspaper. It says: ‘Erotic Massage. Good Money. No Sex.’

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Dead and Gone Book Cover

Dead and Gone

Judi Westerholme is only just coping in her new role as foster parent to her orphaned niece, when her friend, Pete ‘Macca’ Macclesfield, is murdered. Suddenly, Judi’s world is upside down, and despite warnings from police to keep out of it …

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The Cobra Queen - Book Cover

The Cobra Queen

You don’t know the New York fashion world until you know its haunts. In the months since Pandora English left the small town of Gretchenville to live with her mysterious great aunt in a supernatural Manhattan suburb, her whole world has been turned …

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The Drop Off - Book Cover

The Drop-Off

Lizzie, Megan and Sam became accidental friends over good coffee, banter and wrong-world jokes at school drop off. Lizzie is a part-time midwife with four kids and a secret past. Sam is an ex-chef and stay-at-home dad with an absent, high-flying corporate …

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Book Cover - How to Be Australian

How to Be Australian

When Ashley persuades her new husband Steve to leave snowy Canada and join her for a year Down Under, she looks forward to an easy transition. After all, Australia’s just Canada with more sunshine and strange animals, right?

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