Freelance Writing


Freelance Writing – Biographies & Memoirs

Expertise, creativity and empathy in guiding you through recording your life journey.

Putting history on paper creates a lasting, physical record of memories and experiences for generations to come.


Biographies, Memoirs

I will work with you to put your stories and ideas into written form for future generations to enjoy. The story may be told in a chronological order, or in a series of vignettes with photographs. This process will involve a series of interviews, followed by writing, editing and proofreading of your manuscript. The style may reflect your own voice and language, or take on a more formal tone – it’s entirely your choice. You also have complete control over what content is included in the final proof. You will receive your full manuscript in a digital file to enable you to print and share as many copies as you wish. Assistance with printing and publishing of books, with professional photos, is also available. Copyright of the finished product remains with the client.


Pricing for interview / research based work is on an hourly basis. An initial deposit is required with further instalments as the project progresses. Clients may be provided with ongoing written instalments for peace of mind, or may wish to wait until the final product is complete.