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Black cat tattoos

Weird and Wonderful Things

So, about the anti-seizure meds, they are reputed to so

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Sausage Dogs and Teletubbies

We have lift off. Woot! My “W. Stealth Guided Craniot

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Bunnies and Brownies

I want you to know I’m not scared, and I don’t want

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Hairy Stuff and Dragons

Today I got new hair and my very own fabulous poem from

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Not a Nutter Yet

Today Chris and I met with the neurosurgery department.

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Ice Cream in My Head

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This year, for my birthday, the universe gave me an unu

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Writing Competitions – April 2017

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Looking to get your work seen by those in the know? Ent

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Editing: A Strange Life

Editing Is A Strange Life

Editing is a strange life Any writer knows that the cre

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Dealing with criticism

Ouch! Negative Reviews and Criticism

Or Dealing with Other People’s Poo One of the rea

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FNQ Is no excuse not to write

Serendipity. After a few days slacking off up here in P

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Wringing Pain into Writing - AJ Collins Blog

Wringing Pain into Writing

Wringing Pain into Writing: Many writers question wheth

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Speed date

Speed Dating Demons

I’m about to face my demons This week I have cut

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Pitch perfect

Tips on delivering the perfect pitch to a publisher Dur

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The writing process – Blog Hop

Diamonds don’t start out shiny My gorgeous friend

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TC where do you write

Where do you write?

I do it on the patio with TC Where do you write? I once

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Stories from Conflict

Conflict can lead to creativity Where do stories come f

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baby proofreading

The sound of proofreading

First Impressions Count Nothing says ‘novice writer

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