Blog – Let’s Launch

Blog – Let’s Launch

Supporting Australian Authors

Latest Releases in Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

This blog has been created to support Australian authors whose book launches have been affected by COVID-19 restrictions.

*Only works marked as such have been edited by AJC publishing. Readers are advised to use their own discretion if purchasing books listed.

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Europe over the Handlebars Book Cover

Europe Over the Handlebars

Armchair travel writing told with humour and insight. A young Brit/Aussie couple pedal their way up mountains, through medieval towns and along the byways of Europe in 1984 — when physical maps and phone boxes were modern travel essentials, and going ‘off grid’ wasn’t something for which you paid extra.

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Sidnie Meets Uncle Sam_BookCover

Sidnie Meets Uncle Sam

Family-friendly adventures told from the perspective of Sidnie, the charming, clever cocker spaniel. Will delight dog lovers and armchair travellers of all ages and is a fun, fresh way to rethink our human-pet and US-Australian relationships.

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Book cover_As it is on earth

As It Is on Earth

Can you imagine reading a book about what it takes for someone to convince themselves to kill, and have them believe they’re doing the right thing? No, this story is not about the military, or suicide bombers, but about law abiding citizens, whose ethics are up-ended by circumstance.

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Gunfire Lullabies Book Cover

Gunfire Lullabies

Inspired by real life events during East Timor’s violent and tumultuous independence struggle, a female Australian diplomat and a young East Timorese woman must choose what they’re willing to sacrifice in their fight for truth and freedom.

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The Light at the Edge of the World

A storm was brewing and the clock in the square was striking midsummer when Thorsten Mackinder arrived in the village of Finster … For over a hundred years, the village of Finster has been cursed to eternal darkness. The only relief is a single lamppost …

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Book Cover On-The-Street

On the Street

Melbourne’s streets might not be as charming as Rome’s, as romantic as Paris’s, as edgy as New York’s – but they’re more than capable of telling a good story. In this collection of essays, short fiction and poetry, some of our best emerging and established writers turn their pens to the streets of Melbourne.

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Life Bound

Free agents or captives of our past? In this short story collection, Life, Bound, characters find themselves caught in situations not of their own making, or trapped by ingrained habits, walking in grooves carved out by past events.

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Mind Your Own Beeswax

Follow the path of a “newbee” beekeeper – the steep (sometimes vertical!) learning curve, the stings, the wins with nature and the losses. Add in two kids, a recalcitrant dog, a flock of feathered friends on a suburban block in Melbourne, and what could possibly go wrong?

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What Does It Feel Like Being Born?

In Australia, one-third of all births are caesarean and one in ten women experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Jodie presents her own story as a case study for how midwifery care can make birth kinder and safer for *all* women.

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Book cover - Wasp Season

Wasp Season

When Beth’s marriage ends, she’s determined to build a new life in the country for herself and her children. She thinks she’s achieved the impossible, but when her estranged husband tries to change the rules, Beth’s peaceful world is turned upside down.

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Book cover - The Sentinel

The Sentinel

Escaping from a disastrous relationship, Kathleen Devine flees to an isolated lighthouse off the Victorian coastline. Taking up the position of Head Teacher to the lighthouse keepers’ children, she is ensnared in the lives of those marooned on the lonely outpost and soon realises no-one can escape their past.

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