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“Creativity has always been in my soul. Words and music have been a part of my life from a young age.
I have a firm belief that you should be able to continue doing what you love until the day you die.”

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I have been Managing Editor of AJC Publishing since 2014. I am an Accredited Editor of the Institute of Professional Editors and a fully qualified, freelance writer with an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing, RMIT. I have taken part in many writing masterclasses and workshops since.

My previous roles have included Chief Editor and Writer for Go Festival Magazine and Proofreader for the Victorian Writer.

I am experienced in editing fiction and creative non-fiction (memoir) and am a published author myself.

I was thrilled to be offered a placement in the Hardcopy professional development program for writers in 2018, specialising in fiction, and was fortunate to take part in intensive writing masterclasses; meet with industry professionals, publishers and agents; and network with many talented peers.

My YA novels have been longlisted for the Adaptable film and television program. I have been published in magazines and short story anthologies, and have won first prize and several high commendations in the Monash Short Story Writing Competition. My short stories have been read on Radio Queensland and Melbourne community radio.

As an editor, I love helping everyday people with their writing projects. This might be:

– a fledgling author’s first attempt at writing a thriller, sci-fi, romance
– an experienced writer’s manuscript that needs a polish before publishing
– a personal project, meant for friends and family, which has become unwieldy
– a self-help book written to make the world a better place, or for promotional purposes
– a memoir to shed light on a life-changing event

Whichever the case, I provide the same supportive guidance and editing service each project requires to bring it to completion.

As a writer, I enjoy sneaking away to create my own stories and workshopping with my writers group. I’m also constantly reading up on the self-publising industry, when I’m not writing resource blogs for my website.

My background of thirty years working in the entertainment, corporate, legal and finance sectors have given me a wealth of experience in attention to detail, professionalism and time management.

Work or play, I always have an empathetic ear for authors and their stories.


What do I dislike? Talking on the phone, so be prepared by thorough email communication.


You can read some of my published works here:


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