Blog – Clusterfluff The Brain Tumour

Blog – Clusterfluff The Brain Tumour

Clusterfluff the Brain Tumour

November 2017. 

I was excitedly preparing to launch my debut novel Oleanders are Poisonous, when life decided to throw me a curve ball.

This is a journal blog of my transition from vulnerability to recovery.

2 Not a nutter yet

Today Chris and I met with the neurosurgery department. Not too encouraging to arrive and find they weren’t expecting me at admin. But one look

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Odette the Ostrich

8 The equaliser

Before I get into the nitty gritty stuff, I want to share this: I have some strange and hilariously wonderful friends. Meet Odette the Ostrich. Thank

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9 Pre-op quickie

It’s been a funny week with lots of black humour about last coffees, last cheesecakes, last gigs, last Walking Dead episodes. Some friends have found

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10 I’m still here

Remember how I was joking about having ‘lasts’ last week? Well, I’m one hugely lucky girl (and I don’t mean my new George Foreman-style swollen

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11 Home and healing

I’m home and patiently healing. It’s bliss. Truly ruly. I’m planning on returning to work next week (from home). And yes, yes, I will pace

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Annie_Headshot 2018

13 Walls to climb

I’m lying on a table, glad there’s a cloth over my eyes so I can hide my tears, although I’m sure my occasional gulping breaths are

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