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Big-picture feedback on your book manuscript

Have you completed several drafts of your manuscript? Have your friends or family told you it’s great, but you know, deep inside, they just don’t want to hurt your feelings? Sounds like you’re ready for some independent, honest, constructive feedback that doesn’t cost a fortune. Beta readers are the next step.

Having two or three (or more) beta readers review your manuscript is a smart, inexpensive way to get feedback before you engage a professional editor. Beta readers won’t give you editing advice – think of them more as avid book lovers who are willing to give you a fresh perspective on your work, especially when you’re too close to clearly see your own story and characters.

Our beta readers include two teams Senior Beta Readers (aged 21+) and Young Beta Readers (20 and under). So whether you’re writing for a mature or younger audience, you can receive feedback from both your target audience and more experienced readers.

“Some brilliant, in-depth feedback and lots of it! Your reader had a really considerate way of delivering her critique, I’m very impressed. “

Beta readers report on ‘big-picture’ issues such as:

  • Does your story hang together well?
  • Are your characters likeable or engaging?
  • Is your ending satisfying or does it come full circle?
  • Is there a sneaky plot hole?
  • Is your story believable?
  • Are there problems with continuity and structure?
  • Could your writing itself be improved?

Why book multiple readers?

Opinions are subjective. By booking multiple readers, you are more likely to get a wider feel for what’s working and what’s not. If two or more people are saying the same thing, it’s more likely this is how your readership will perceive your work. If one person disagrees, you can take or leave their thoughts as the odd one out. Think of it as having your personal workshop group.

Professional opinions

While the majority of my beta reading team are trained editors, as beta readers their aim is to provide that gut-feeling response you need from new readers – equal to someone picking up your book in a store and giving you a constructive review – without the worry of being torn apart by harsh criticism. Naturally, if you’re after more detailed feedback accompanied by professional advice, an Assessment or Developmental Edit is what you need.

Rate AU$

$2.30 per 1,000 words, payable in advance.
Example: an 80,000 word manuscript would be $184.00 per reader booked.
Minimum fee of $100 applies per reader / per manuscript.

Author Privacy

All members of the beta reading team have signed a non-disclosure agreement confirming that any work submitted to them for beta reading purposes, is the rightful intellectual property and copyrighted material of the Author and may not be shared or discussed, outside the beta reading team, with members of the public, unless a published copy has been freely given as a gift by the Author, or legally purchased from a book or ebook retailer.

Australian vs American Marketplace

This page is dedicated to writings aimed at the Australian, plus wider-world, marketplace. We support Australian works with AU and multicultural terminology, spelling and punctuation. If your manuscript caters specifically for the American marketplace, using US cultural terminology, spelling and punctuation, we recommend US-based Quiethouse Beta Reading Network.  Or you may wish to book a combination of AU and US.

Meet the Beta Readers

Senior Beta Reading Team (21+ years)

Young Beta Reading Team (20 years and under)

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