Meet Our Book Editors and Assessors

Meet Our Book Editors and Assessors

Our team of professional book editors and assessors

AJC Publishing was established in 2014 and has since expanded to a team of more than twelve editors and thirty beta readers.

Our professional editors are all fully qualified, experienced individuals who come from a broad range of backgrounds. Each editor brings substantial editing skills to their chosen specialisations in book editing and short story editing.

We assess, edit and proofread a wide array of genres and are all avid readers and/or writers who feel privileged to work with clients passionate about writing.

Genres covered


  • Literary
  • Historical
  • General women’s
  • Romance
  • Crime
  • Thriller
  • Action
  • Mystery
  • Children’s


  • Speculative
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Dystopia
  • Horror
  • Supernatural
  • Comedy
  • Poetry
  • Short stories
  • Screenplays


  • Biography
  • Memoir
  • Self-help
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Spirituality
  • Reference books
  • Cookery

Our editors and assessors

AJ Collins, Managing Editor

AJ - Managing Editor

AJ is an Accredited Editor of the Institute of Professional Editors, an author of YA books, and a fully qualified freelance writer with an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing, RMIT. Specialisations: Assessments, developmental editing, copy/line editing, proofreading. 

AJ is a trusted and experienced editor of fiction and creative non-fiction (memoir and biography). Approachable and understanding of writers’ sensitivities, AJ enjoys helping authors lift their writing to the next level by providing gentle but firm guidance on reaching a book’s full potential. AJ is also passionate about continually expanding her skills and knowledge, and participates in regular editing and writing masterclasses. As a recipient of a placement in the 2016 Hardcopy ACT Fiction professional development program, AJ was able to develop her own YA novel to a publishable standard. In her spare time, AJ is a professional vocalist, MC and voice over artist.
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Angela - AJC Publishing Editor

Angela - Editor

Angela is an Accredited Editor of the Institute of Professional Editors, has BA (Hons) Linguistics and English, TESOL Certificate, Diploma of Editing and Publishing (Macleay).
Specialisations: Assessments, developmental editing, copy/line editing, proofreading,

Angela loves exploring language, in all its glorious forms. She’s happiest when reading and surrounded by books, pages and paper, and gets excited by masterfully crafted narratives. Angela likes to carefully consider the integrity and credibility of a manuscript, then offer respectful and constructive feedback to help an author meet their goals. Angela’s interests in genres are: Literary fiction, history, biography, classics young adult, travel, fantasy, reference, cookery.
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Connie, Senior Editor

Connie - Editor

Connie is fully qualified freelance editor with a Diploma in Professional Writing Editing, RMIT. Specialisations: Assessments, developmental editing, copy/line editing and screenplay editing.

Connie has a background in YA editing and reviewing. Connie was also recipient of a placement in the 2016 Hardcopy ACT Fiction professional development program, which included access to masterclasses in writing and the publishing industry. Connie is a member of the Institute of Professional Editors, Writers Victoria and the Australian Society of Authors. She regularly attends professional development seminars on editing and writing and is passionate about ongoing education. Connie also has many years’ experience as a social worker.
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Florence Senior Editor

Florence - Editor

Florence studied Professional Writing & Editing at RMIT, then went on to complete a MA in creative writing. She holds a postgraduate diploma in communication & editing from Melbourne University. Specialisations: Assessments, developmental editing, copy/line editing, proofreading.

Florence is a true word nerd. After graduating from her studies, she developed a passion for editing, discovering that she loves helping people develop their writing to really speak to people. She’s been happily working as a writer, editor and translator since, with a particular passion for developmental editing and manuscript assessments. She is especially fond of YA fiction.
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Heather - Editor at AJC Publishing

Heather - Editor

Heather is an Accredited Editor with over 25 years’ experience, a writer and ghostwriter. She has a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing from RMIT, a BA in psychology, and is a qualified (though non-practising) counsellor. Specialisations: Assessments, developmental editing, copy/line editing, proofreading.

Heather is passionate about helping people tell their stories, particularly in the areas of memoir, biography and self-help. She was managing editor at Hardie Grant Publishing in Melbourne, and John Brown Publishing in London, prior to going freelance in 2003. Heather is on the board of Life Stories Australia and is a member of the Institute of Professional Editors and Writers SA.
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Kelsey - Editor

Kelsey - Editor

Kelsey is a qualified freelance journalist and editor with BA Hons (English and Linguistics); Subbing and Indesign course w/ Alliance/Walkley Foundation Training for Journalists; Professional Editing and Proofreading Course, The Sackville Academy. Specialisations: Developmental editing, copy/line editing, proofreading.

Kelsey spends the majority of her time reading fantasy novels and studying fitness. As former Managing Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine – and lifelong girl power advocate – Kelsey’s primary interest is in stories with female lead characters, with the odd bit of erotica, including fantasy, science fiction, paranormal erotica, YA, plus romance, chick lit and literary fiction.
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Lainie - Assessor

Lainie has completed multiple courses in business writing, web writing, plus grammar and style. She also graduated from Griffith University and UQ with a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science), and postgraduate qualifications in GIS and environmental education. Specialisations: Assessments.

Lainie is curious, creative and loves reading, researching and learning. She has attended a multitude of writing and editing courses. Holding a Certificate III in both Horticulture and Parks & Gardens, Lainie freelances in bushcare, commercial nursery, environmental education, water quality and laboratory settings, as well as providing systems testing, webpage administration. Lainie also produces numerous government technical documents, a local Catchment Association’s newsletter, plus writes and edits reviews and web content.
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Lauren - Editor at AJC Publishing

Lauren - Editor

Lauren is a qualified editor and Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Editors, holding a Graduate Certificate of Editing and Electronic Publishing from Macquarie University, where she won the course prize for outstanding achievement. Specialisations: Assessments, copy/line editing, proofreading.

Lauren works with non-fiction and fiction writers and has experience writing for blogs and social media. Her love of a good story led her to start a book club, which helps her read a wide variety of genres. Lauren is constantly developing her writing and editing skills, and is also a Member of Writers SA.
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Liz - AJC Editor

Liz - Editor

Liz is a qualified editor and accredited member of the Institute of Professional Editors, holding a Graduate Certificate of Editing and Electronic Publishing from Macquarie University. Specialisations: copy/line editing, proofreading.

From childhood, when she read books instead of playing with toys, Liz has been fascinated with knowledge-gathering and communication. As an adult, she gained tertiary qualifications in hospitality management, accounting, fine arts, languages, literature, legal geography, environmental history, and editing. Liz ran an accounting business for 18 years to 2016, selling it to concentrate on completing a PhD that investigated the urgent problem of how we can, do, and could/should value water. She hung out her shingle as an editor in 2017, specialising in academic writing, non-fiction, fiction and business writing. She still reads books instead of playing with toys.
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Nicole Senior Editor

Nicole - Editor

Nicole has an MA in Creative Writing, and runs writing programs and workshops for adults and young people.  She currently teaches Writing at Deakin University and Swinburne. Specialisations: Assessments, developmental editing.

Nicole is an award winning author and podcaster with a background in editing and journalism. Her novels for Young Adults have received wide acclaim, including literary prizes and shortlistings. In 2016, she co-edited an anthology of non-fiction for adults and has collaborated on children’s fiction and non-fiction books. She’s written opinion and features for The Saturday Paper, The Guardian, and The Griffith Review, among others, and previously taught Creative Writing at University of Melbourne.
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Nikki - Medical Assessor AJC Publishing

Nikki - Medical Assesor

Nikki has over thirty years qualified nursing experience, working in emergency, midwifery, paediatrics, tropical medicine, plus aid work in South Sudan. Nikki also has a BA Comparative Religions, SOAS, University of London, and MA Cultural Studies (Writing for Children), King Alfred’s College, University of Southampton. Specialisations: Healthcare/treatment logic in fantasy and contemporary story settings.

Nikki has published a number of short stories in magazines and anthologies, is currently working on a YA fantasy trilogy and was recently short-listed for a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk. She reads widely and loves historical non-fiction. In her spare time, Nikki does improv, art, and occasional extra work in film and TV. She is a member of SCBWI, Writers Vic, and ASA.
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Terence - Assessor

Terence is an indie author and book reviewer with a Master’s of Writing and Literature, and a Bachelor of Archaeology (hons). He publishes through his personal website, podcast and Aurealis Magazine, which has given him wide exposure to the best and worst of the current science fiction and fantasy markets. His qualifications in archaeology and writing/literature give him a unique perspective on effective worldbuilding and an eye for the details that make a fictional world both vibrant and real. Specialisations: Assessments

Terence believes there’s no value to either cruelty or dishonesty in providing assessments. He understands that writers inject a lot of emotional well-being into their work, but also that readers look for quality above all else. He sees his role as closing this gap between writer and reader expectations in a supportive but honest environment. Terence is currently working towards novel-length releases and prefers to work with science fiction, fantasy, horror, supernatural, urban fantasy and wider speculative fiction.
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