Why Choose Me?

I’m a Professional

Editing is my business, not a hobby, and I treat all my clients with the respect and courtesy they deserve. I have clear lines of communication and ensure I fully understand my clients’ needs before commencing work.


I’m Qualified

I’m a fully qualified, accredited editor with an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing, plus a member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd). I’m always seeking to update and upgrade my knowledge and skills to keep abreast of changes in my industry.


Value for Money

My rates are competitive. As I’m a professional freelancer my clients do not have to pay company commissions on the work I carry out. I always go above and beyond to service my clients and, where possible, provide fixed quotes for each project.


I Get It

Starting out as a writer myself, I gained understanding of the processes authors endure to produce a body of work. It’s a tough slog and sometimes you need someone experienced and supportive to guide you through to the end goal.