15 Reality rolls and donuts

Where is it?  The momentous change in attitude that’s supposed to come when you’ve faced a pivotal moment in life? Did I miss it? Apparently, because life is still life, is still life. As each day rolls by, it amuses me that I continually think I almost feel like my old self, but I never […]

14 Hump month moonscape


If you were to run your fingers through the steampunk regrowth on my scalp, you’d feel a moonscape – a field of shallow bumps and craters stretching above my right ear,  back to front. It’s fascinating trying to imagine what it looks like, when I can only sense by touch. And I find myself doing […]

13 Walls to climb

Annie_Headshot 2018

I’m lying on a table, glad there’s a cloth over my eyes so I can hide my tears, although I’m sure my occasional gulping breaths are giving me away. Sarah is hurting me – in a good way – trying to drain my blocked lymphatic system through deep massage. But far out! She speaks softly, leaves […]

12 Strength in healing

My scars are not ugly; they’re testimony to the skill of my surgeons. Strength It’s been a week of being surrounded by strong women who have nurtured me, held me up, made me laugh and think outside myself. A week of family connections. A week of starting to pick up the pieces of my work […]

11 Home and healing

I’m home and patiently healing. It’s bliss. Truly ruly. I’m planning on returning to work next week (from home). And yes, yes, I will pace myself and take naps whenever I need to. Purrrrr. Endone is still my friend. I lost my brave Thursday, I lost my brave after leaving the HDU (neuro ICU ward […]

10 I’m still here

Remember how I was joking about having ‘lasts’ last week? Well, I’m one hugely lucky girl (and I don’t mean my new George Foreman-style swollen face). The initial surgery went well but was longer than expected. I hit the surgery table at 7.30 am and got to recovery 11.30 am, waking up around 1.30 pm. […]

9 Pre-op quickie

It’s been a funny week with lots of black humour about last coffees, last cheesecakes, last gigs, last Walking Dead episodes. Some friends have found this hilarious, others horrifying. Laugh, damn you! Nine o’clock tonight I’ll be having a final MRI with GPS tracking dots – I’m going to ask if I can have some […]

8 The equaliser

Odette the Ostrich

Before I get into the nitty gritty stuff, I want to share this: I have some strange and hilariously wonderful friends. Meet Odette the Ostrich. Thank you Annie and Wendy. This poor birdy looks like I feel his morning – we both could have done with a sleep in. I suspect, also like me, she prefers […]

7 Drama queens and pigeons


Okay, I admit it. I’m human. Today I was a drama queen. We (Chris and I) attended my pre-op clinic appointment at Monash. We were told to allow 3-4 hours. It took 2.5 hrs. Pretty good, huh? But … I’ve lost a little faith in the admin system. I hand over my referral letter. The […]

6 Weird and wonderful things

Black cat tattoos

So, about the anti-seizure meds: they are reputed to sometimes cause hallucinations. Hmmm did this stuff really happen? BTW: no spider pics appear here – some of my mates have phobias – but there’s spidey talk, so just preparing you.  Jo B. some of this may be your doing. Interesting fact: The arachnoid (as opposed to […]

5 Sausage dogs and teletubbies


We have lift off. Woot! My “W. Stealth Guided Craniotomy” will be on Tuesday 5 December, 2017. Tuesdays rock! I was born on a Tuesday. Hopefully, I won’t die on one. Mwah ha ha. Do I sound a little manic? I am! Said auspicious occasion will take place at Monash Neurology, Clayton. Op will be […]

4 Bunnies and brownies


I want you to know I’m not scared, and I don’t want you to be scared for me. It’s surreal, yes, but on the whole, I’m balanced, calm, positive. I’m also getting out of doing step classes because of my current fuzziness. Do I need an excuse? Nah. Bunnies are cute. Enough said. Ooh! I […]

3 Hairy stuff and dragons

Annie's hair cut

Today I got new hair and my very own fabulous poem from my clever bro-in-law Peter Collins. The anti-seizure drugs are kicking in and making me drowsy but I managed to fight through to get my mailer subscriber list happening. New Hair: My gorgeous friend and hairdresser of many, many years, Lucia Motta Miko, came […]

2 Not a nutter yet

Today Chris and I met with the neurosurgery department. Not too encouraging to arrive and find they weren’t expecting me at admin. But one look at my referral and they said, ah yeah, don’t worry, we’ll make sure we fit you in. Apparently big Clusterfluffs bring benefits. Only had to wait an hour. Goodo. And […]

1 Ice cream in my head

Meningioma MRI Scan

Ice cream in my head Clusterfluff This year, for my birthday, the universe gave me an unusual present. Yup, kind of unique as presents go. Not the type of gift I’d normally (well, ever) choose for myself, but as brain tumours roll, it’s the best brand available: Meningioma. While I’m digesting this news, I’m hanging […]