My Own Beta Read

Scared girl with a book

My Own Beta Read Yes, I did the dirty on my own beta reader team Nothing shows trust in your own services more than using them yourself. And this month, that’s exactly what I did: I booked four of my own beta readers. I booked four of my own beta readers Recently, I finished the first […]

How to market your book

How to market your book

Book marketing for self-publishers Marketing is effort plus determination How to market your book? Oh gosh, marketing is not my forte, and I wish there were a magical solution for authors to get their books out into the big wide world. Unfortunately, the reality is usually a hard slog with a learning curve, but it’s […]

Publishing Offers

Publisher contract

Been offered a publishing deal for your manuscript? Before you get too excited and sign that contract, you’d be wise to do some research first.

Omniscient point of view

Understanding omniscient point of view What is point of view? (POV) Point of view (sometimes incorrectly called viewpoint – I’ll explain this later) is simply defined as the perspective of who is telling a story. It relates to how much access to knowledge of the story and characters the narrator has. The point of view […]

What are filter words?

What are filter words?

Filter words are excess words that put a barrier (filter) between the reader and what a character is experiencing. They do this by placing the character in the central spotlight, instead of the experience.

How to find a publisher or agent

How to find a publisher

How To Find a Publisher or Agent Is it an editor’s job to help a client get published after the editing process? The answer is no. While I do provide a submission and back cover blurb review service – if I’ve edited your book – it’s not an editor’s role to research publishers or agents […]

Dangling, misplaced and squinting modifiers

Dangling modifiers

What is a modifier error? Let’s look at these tricky grammar errors and how to avoid them Some of  these terms might sound odd, but they belong to real grammatical errors, sometimes the result of which can be quite amusing, if not confusing. But once you learn what the errors are and how they work, […]

How to use a semicolon

How to use a semicolon

Semicolons – the most misunderstood punctuation mark Confusion is common If you don’t know how to use a semicolon, you’re not alone. Love them or hate them, some writers regularly confuse semicolons with commas, most likely because they’ve never been taught the correct usage. The wonderful (I love its elegant little tail) semicolon has only three […]

How to punctuate dialogue

Picture of gold punctuation marks

Dialogue punctuation made simple Dialogue punctuation is an area of fiction writing that often baffles new and experienced authors alike. Here you will find simple explanations on how to punctuate and lay out your dialogue, plus the difference between direct dialogue, indirect dialogue and internal dialogue. ‘Single’ or “double” quote marks? Single and double quotes […]

Competitions & opportunities

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What’s the best way to get your writing noticed? Let people read your work. You’re writing because you want to read, correct? So you need to take a chance on your work being seen by those in the know. Entering short story, unpublished manuscript or poetry competitions is one great way to firstly, get your […]

Ouch! Negative reviews


Dealing with criticism – the reality of becoming a published author We write to be read. People outside our supportive circle of friends and family are going to read and publicly comment on our work. Fabulous! Isn’t that why you write? To affect people? To make them think, to stir their emotions? But what happens […]