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Climbing the Coconut Tree

Book Cover: Climbing the Coconut Tree by S.C. Karakaltsas


Climbing the Coconut Tree

Genre: Historical Fiction

Author: S.C. Karakaltsas

Brief: Developmental Edit, Copyedit

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Client feedback:

For a writer’s debut novel, the process can be quite harrowing. In my case, I handed my first manuscript of historical fiction to AJ with fear and trepidation, not sure what to expect. She performed the line edit with care and consideration for the story. Her eye for detail was outstanding and her focus on showing me how and where improvements could be made was invaluable. I learnt such a lot from her, and the experience was fantasti


It’s 1948. Eighteen year old Bluey Guthrie leaves his family to take the job of a lifetime on a remote island in the Central Pacific. Bill and Isobel, seasoned ex-pats help Bluey fit in to a privileged world of parties, dances and sport. However the underbelly of island life soon draws him in. Bluey struggles to understand the horrors left behind after the Japanese occupation, the rising fear of communism, and the appalling conditions of the Native and Chinese workers. All this is overseen by the white Colonial power brutalising the land for Phosphate: the new gold. Isobel has her own demons and watches as Bill battles to keep growing unrest at bay. Drinking and gambling are rife. As racial tensions spill over causing a trail of violence, bloodshed and murder, Bluey is forced to face the most difficult choices of his life. Inspired by true events on Ocean Island, this story is an untold part of Australia’s history.

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