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The Mystery of the Aztec Ghost

Book Cover: The Mystery of the Aztec Ghost


Author name: Sue Guillou

Book title: The Mystery of the Aztec Ghost: The Eagle Warriors

Genre: YA/MG Adventure

Launch date: 07.03.2020

Website: Amazon


Reluctantly holidaying on Magnetic Island with her dysfunctional parents, eighteen-year-old Eve Clarke meets gorgeous Todd Scott, his younger sister Lizzy and quirky Ryan Williams. Her joy at finding new friends is short-lived when the island is struck by an abnormally violent storm.
They run for their lives, only to fall into a hidden cave where they discover ancient Aztec writing. Intrigued, they’re determined to learn about the author of the strange script, but when Lizzy innocently tells a stranger about their find, they are besieged by two nefarious gangs who are convinced they’ve discovered the missing treasure of the Aztec warrior Montezuma.
The team escape to Todd’s parents’ fortified home where Todd learns his missing parents secretly dabbled in cutting edge technology. They are fitted with high-tech suits that make them invisible and help foil kidnapping attempt and attacks.
After deciphering the 500-year-old story of Diego Mata – the author of the cave script – they learn that the sinking of the San Ildefonso, tales of lost treasure, a string of currently missing ships and strange weather patterns are all connected to the ghost of Montezuma. The only way to appease Montezuma’s ghost is to find his treasure and return them.
With the help of experts, they locate the San Ildefonso and recover half of the lost treasure before locating the remaining jewels on the Island of Nuku Hiva in the Pacific Ocean. They travel to this mysterious land where they are captured and forced to enter a haunted cave, navigate a perilous trail of deathly traps and battle the rival gangs. Ryan is injured and Eve risks her life to save him.
The danger over, they return the treasure then discover the remains of Diego and his best friend Gabriel. In an emotional farewell, the teens bury the Aztec warriors, and are rewarded with the status of warriors themselves. Todd finally kisses Eve and Montezuma’s curse is lifted.

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