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My Survival Guide to Love

Book Cover: My Survival Guide to Love by Dale Craig


My Survival Guide to Love

Genre: Memoir, Self-Help

Author: Dale Craig

Brief: Developmental, Copyedit, Book formatting

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Client feedback:

To my editor AJ Collins, who tirelessly collated and structured the book that started off as a collection of stories, thoughts and reminiscences after my second divorce. Thank you for your empathy, advice, patience and the respectful manner in which you have edited the stories that make up my life.


Harsh reality: on a cold autumn morning, Dale Craig stands at the end of his driveway, his life in ruins. Alone and confused, he’s in denial. ‘It’s over!’

His marriage has just been sunk in the Sea of Love by a two-word tsunami. Surely this can’t be happening? Another divorce? What lies ahead is a challenging four-year journey of self-discovery.

Dale must now say goodbye to his self-confidence, stability, peace of mind, friends, step-family, money, property, business and his dreams for the future. Will he survive the impact of his relationship ‘iceberg’? Will unresolved issues from his first divorce re-ignite and drag him back to confront the ghosts of his past?

Dabbling with meditation, self-help courses, yoga, clairvoyants and Happy Hour, Dale will once again seek love and launch himself into the modern world of Online Dating.

At times sad, other times amusing, this true story is told simply and from the heart. Honest. Raw. Yet it’s buoyed by an underlying sense of humour which is what usually happens when a stand-up comic finds himself in a no-joke situation. The book is a beacon for those about to face a life littered with fear, loneliness and the pain of divorce.

Join Dale’s step-by-step journey as he attempts to answer the question of why, when he said ‘I do’, in the end he ‘didn’t’

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