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Out of Nowhere

Book Cover: Out of Nowhere by S.C. Karakaltsas


Out of Nowhere

Genre: Short Story Collection

Author: S.C. Karakaltsas

Brief: Copyedit

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Client feedback:

With my second book, I was more confident and knew what to expect with AJ at my side.  Her feedback, encouragement and attention to detail was fantastic and it was all done within the time frame she specified. I couldn’t have asked for anything more


I hear a woman’s screams, deep in my head. Mine.
I’m out of control.

Hot on the heels of her debut novel, Climbing the Coconut Tree, S.C Karakaltsas showcases a collection of relatable yet at times unnerving and riveting stories where the unexpected takes us by surprise.

In the story, ‘On The Side Of A Hill,’- first included in the Monash Writers Group Anthology 2016 – a couple make a shocking discovery during their summer evening stroll. ‘The Surprise,’- shortlisted in the Lane Cove Literary Awards 2016, – follows a mother and son’s life changing journey. Transported to a café in ‘The River,’ a woman wonders, “Am I the only one who sees?” before the screams begin. And in the unforgettable title story, a man grasps why his wife is unhappy, too late.

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